Design Line

The Design Line was developed with the contributions and experience of leading figures in contemporary architecture and design who shared our desire to create a new concept of glass block inspired by the principles of creativity, style, functionality and innovation.

Typical Dimensions
19cm x 19cm x 8cm | 7.5” x 7.5” x 3”
Options Available
Metric Sizing
Mortar or Mortarless Installation
Residential & Light Commercial
Interiors and Exteriors
Options May Include

Energy Savings

Energy Savings





These innovative technologies, when applied to the manufacturing of the standard module, led to the creation of the “winged” Pegasus glass block. This unique block design allows for a narrow sight line by reducing the mortar joint size to 2mm thus creating an uninterrupted continuity of glass.

Pegasus Metalized is an exclusive and innovative glass block by Seves Glass Block Inc. The unique metalized finish on the block’s outer edge, creates a mirroring or reflective effect that reduces the perception of ‘gaps’ between the block and renders the glass surface even more brilliant and intriguing.

Design Line glass blocks
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