Wall Fire Rated

Submitted by Lukasz on Wed, 07/20/2022 - 16:03

Create a unique 2-hour fire-rated Wall with our Seves 'High Performance' F-120 glass block.  This product tested to ASTM E-119, UL 263-19 and CAN/ULC S101-14 standards for Up to 2-hour fire-rating.  The Wave patterned clear glass block (19cm x 19cm x 13cm) with its random intersecting patterns creates a subtle distortion while allowing maximum light transmission.

Glass Block Walls & Sound Transmission: Combat Noise Pollution

Glass block is known for being a superior building and design material. Homeowners, contractors and architects alike can rely on glass block as a versatile product that simultaneously combines form, function and aesthetic appeal. One feature of glass block increasing its popularity in recent years is its ability to lower interior noise pollution in homes and offices. 



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