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884 Clarity Thickset 90 - Fire Rated N.A.M.I. Certification NI013735.01-R1 (90min)

884 Endura Thickset 90 - Fire Rated N.A.M.I. Certification NI013736-R1 (90min)

884 Nubio Thickset 90 - Fire Rated N.A.M.I. Certification NI013745-R1 (90min)

Vetropieno Rettangolare - Fire Rated N.A.M.I. Certification NI013782-R1 (90min)

883 Vistabrik® - Fire Rated N.A.M.I. Certification NI013767-R1 (90min)

664 Clarity Thickset 90 - Fire Rated N.A.M.I. Certification NI013735-R1 (90min)

Learn how Seves Glass Block collaborated with architects and masons on an award winning municipal infrastructure building in Edmonton, Alberta Canada.

Architects Olson Kundig used glass brick in the Comedor restaurant in Austin, Texas to create a sense of intrigue, enticing pedestrians inside.

Glass Brick Centerpiece adds the "WOW" Factor

Seves Glass Block plays a key role in the refurbishment of an American National Register of Historic Places site.


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