VETROPIENO™ Solid Glass Brick

 Interplay of light and color

Vetropieno™ is a 100% solid glass brick that combines the appeal of traditional brick with the transparency of glass.




Clear & Neutro
Yellow & Orange


Unlike traditional glass block products that are hollow, Vetropieno™ creates visual effects from deep within the block, adding luminosity, movement and a mesmerizing beauty to the usual properties of traditional glass block. Vetropieno™ is spectacular for both interior and exterior designs where the unique qualities of the material are highlighted. Vetropieno is perfect for making a statement piece and adding a WOW factor to your next project. 


Actual Sizes: Weight: Installed Weight: Pieces per Square Foot:
Heat Transmission U-Value (BTU/hr ft2 °F): Thermal Resistance R-value (hr ft2 °F/BTU): Winter night values. To calculate instantaneous heat gain through glass panels, see ASHRAE HANDBOOK OF FUNDAMENTALS, 2005, Section 31.3.
Privacy: Visible Light Transmission: Shading Coefficient: Sound Transmission S.T.C. (dB): Solar Heat Gain Coefficient:

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