Tornado Resistant


Seves Glass Block has engineered a high-performance window that provides effective protection against air pressure and flying debris caused by tornado-force winds. The following information can assist you in the design and incorporation of these windows into your projects.

This window is the perfect choice for Safe Rooms, Community Shelters, Schools and Government Facilities. See what is happening outside the shelter while providing needed protection from the elements. Seves LightWise® Architectural Systems Tornado Resistant Windows are factory assembled, steel framed glass block windows. Custom sizes are available.

Safety, Durability, & Light Transmittance:

Seves LightWise® Architectural Systems Tornado Resistant Windows are extraordinarily versatile and available in various sizes. Utilizing laminated VISTABRIK® solid glass block with a steel frame and grid, this window requires minimal maintenance and is ideal for facilities where safety and security is critical.

Seves LightWise® Architectural Systems Tornado Resistant Windows  provide the needed protection from the elements while letting people see what is happening outside of the shelter, and letting daylight into a space that would otherwise rely on artificial light.

In accordance with FEMA 361, Seves LightWise® Architectural Systems Tornado Resistant Windows passed several levels of air pressure tests including 309 positive psf and negative 413 psf. The 413 psf equates to a wind speed of over 400 mph. it is significant to note that the highest recorded wind speed on earth was 253 mph.

Performance Features & Benefits:

  • Effective protection against air pressure and flying debris caused by tornado-force winds
  • Highest standard of performance for FEMA 361 “Design and Construction Guidelines for Community Safe Rooms”
  • Factory assembled for consistent quality

This Factory Assembled Window Provides:

  • Strength and durability of steel
  • Beauty and strength of laminated VISTABRIK®
  • Enhanced security with vision and light transmission
  • Resistance to Tornado-force winds and flying debris
  • Reduced on-site labor costs
  • Protection from damaging UV rays

Seves LightWise® Tornado Resistant Windows Are Manufactured To Meet The Following Standards:

  • ASTM E283 
    Standard Test Method for Determining Rate of Air Leakage
  • ASTM E330 
    Standard Test Method for Structural Performance
  • FEMA 361 / “Safe rooms for Tornado & Hurricanes: Guidance for Community & Residential Safe Rooms” 
    Air Pressure and Tornado Missile Impact Test
    Two hits: 15lbs., 2x4 @100 mph
  • FEMA 320 / “Taking Shelter from a Storm - Building a Safe Room For Your Home or Small Business
  • ICC 500
    Passed air pressure tests (+309/-413) psf., which equates to a wind speed of over 400 mph (with a 1.5 safety factor)
Nominal Sizes: Weight: Installed Weight: Pieces per Square Foot:
Heat Transmission U-Value (BTU/hr ft2 °F): Thermal Resistance R-value (hr ft2 °F/BTU): Winter night values. To calculate instantaneous heat gain through glass panels, see ASHRAE HANDBOOK OF FUNDAMENTALS, 2005, Section 31.3.
Privacy: Visible Light Transmission: Shading Coefficient: Sound Transmission S.T.C. (dB): Solar Heat Gain Coefficient:

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