Security & Detention


Seves Glass Block has an engineered solution to meet the demanding security needs of the architectural and design community. The following information can assist you in the design and incorporation of these windows into your projects. 

This system is the perfect choice for prisons, detention centers, holding cells, correctional facilities, criminal justice facilities, police departments and jails. Seves LightWise® Architectural Systems Threat Resistant Windows are factory assembled, steel framed glass block windows. Customizable to various shapes and sizes.

Versatility, Durability and Light Transmittance:

Seves LightWise® Architectural Systems Threat Resistant Windows are extraordinarily versatile and available in various sizes. Utilizing VISTABRIK® solid glass block with a steel frame and grid, this window requires minimal maintenance and is ideal for facilities where safety and security is critical. Seves LightWise® Architectural Systems Threat Resistant Windows increase the amount of natural daylighting that comes into a room while still providing a secure environment.

Performance Features & Benefits:

  • Enhanced Security
  • Ballistic Resistant levels
  • Varying privacy levels
  • Impact Resistant
  • Pick Proof
  • Factory assembled for consistent quality

High Performance Glazing:

  • Will not burn
  • Resists scratching and marring
  • Will not discolor
  • Reduces maintenance costs

This Factory Assembled Window Provides:

  • Strength and durability of steel
  • Welded corners and grids
  • Narrow sight-lines
  • Enhanced security with vision and light transmission
  • Resistance to Forced Entry/Exit
  • Reduced on-site labor costs
  • Expedited installation sequencing
  • Ballistic resistance

Seves Glass Block Threat Resistant Windows Are Manufactured To Meet The Following Standards:

  • ASTM E283
    Standard Test Method for Determining Rate of Air Leakage
  • ASTM E330
    Standard Test Method for Structural Performance
  • ASTM E547
    Standard Test Method for Water Penetration
  • ASTM A1011
    Standard Specification for Steel
  • ASTM C920
    Standard Specification for Elastomeric Joint Sealants
  • AN SI Z97.1
    Safety Glazing Materials Used in Buildings
    Safety Performance Specifications and Methods of Test        
  • 16 CFR Part 1201
    Consumer Product Safety Commission ( CPSC )
    Safety Standard for Architectural Glazing Materials



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