School Gym - Glass Block
Residential Glass Block Wall

More Patterns. More Colors.

More Shapes and Sizes. More Choices.

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Glass Block is a material like no other

Glass Block is Eco Friendly


Sustainable materials that conserve energy

Glass Block Wall


Resistant to sound, fire, and vandalism

Flexible Glass Block Structure


Frosted, self-cleaning and solar reflecting options on most blocks


Produce Stunning Architecture and Design

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Train Station Glass Block
Outside Curved Glass Block Wall - 1919/8 Blue - Wave Pattern
Exterior Wall - Basic Collection 1919/8 Blue - Wave Pattern
Mercado Restaurant   Little Spain NYC  part of Hudson Yards Mall
Glass Block Wall - 77 Washington Workspace
Glass Block wall and stairs - 77 Washington Workspace
77 Washington Workspace
Alpha Glass Block - How to Buy
How to Buy

Seves Glass Block is sold by our trusted network of distributors, dealers, and home centers. Contact us today, and we'll connect you with the professionals who sell and know glass

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  • Glass Block for Natural Light in the Workplace
    From Our Blog

    7 Benefits of Natural Light at Home or Work

    And How Glass Block Designs Can Increase Feelings of Well-Being The benefits of natural light cannot be overstated. Have you ever noticed how you feel when you walk outside on the first sunny day after a few days of gray skies? You have a smile on your face and a spring in your step. The sunshine on your face feels glorious. That’s because as human beings, we need natural light for our overall health.


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